100 best games…personal choice

in a world where we are constantly flooded with tons of fascinating information, it is increasingly important to be selective and curate your own things. That’s what I do with everything as much as I can (though it sometimes give me a huge headache). Here, I will focus on games.

I play a variety of games, from Japanese female-oriented romance otome, visual novels to some puzzles, rps, and adventures. I look for stories with a heart, engaging gameplay and fun features and nice art, hopefully not generic. I like games as a storytelling medium most of all so I do prefer it when they have a strong premise, elaborate, detailed and well fleshed-out storylines with detailed character backstories. I read a lot of classic novels, and I like to see that sort of detail in games. They need to be immersive and with good, expanded world building, I also definitely prefer finished, one off games rather than series or all those endless mobile games based on never-ending micro-transactions. I do not consider mobile to be a good enough platform for really good storytelling in games. I’ve tried a few overhyped rpgs that claimed to have stories rivalling those of console rpgs, but they turned out just that..,overhyped. There have been a few exceptions, as everywhere.

I am also planning on making my own games so running a gaming blog may help me keep track of what features or narratives and themes I particularly enjoyed.

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