**An imported post, slightly edited. Originally published: May 2018**

As a I mentioned in my introductory post, I don’t play a lot of mobile games mostly because I find a lot of them boring or overhyped and bland. But there have been a few  that are quirky, and fun and perfect fit for the platform.

Polytopia is a free strategy game (with optional purchases) with pretty much endless gameplay. The game’s most fun feature for me is the variety of tribes – all with pretty  art and individual music themes – that have different starting conditions and skills.


Basically, you control a tribe with skillsets that can be grown as the tribe expands on the land,  and has to defeat opposing tribes- simple and familiar but it’s executed so charmingly and is addictive.

You choose a tribe – each has different  characteristics and starting conditions and  starting skill. A few are free, most are paid – but each tribe is like a world in itself, some with added gorgeous maps. I really like the tribes. They are imaginative. I like the special  tribes best (Aquarion, Elyrion).


Each skill costs stars that you must earn through expanding the kingdom – it adds a challenge, especially in the turn-based  gameplay mode as there is a limit.

Expand your kingdom and its economy! There are two gameplay modes:  perfection – timed, until turns run out and domination until you wipe out other tribes from the map. You can choose difficulty and the number of opponents..and then you just…pick tactics that work best whilst developing your kingdom, growing its income, population and economy. You can also play multiplayer with others if you like.


The maps and tribe design with art and individual music themes are really lovely. The strategies are endless, so you can play and play. I tend not to pick endless games but this one is  fun, easy to play, you can pick it up any time and I really like the variety and uniqueness of each tribe. I don’t mind buying some of them.

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