Orisinal : Morning Sunshine

**Imported entry, orginally published on 29.07.2018.** 



Orisinal : Morning Sunshine

That site has been around forever, like around 20 years now! Congratulations are in order to the developer for keeping at it! 

Orisinal is a collection of small and  charming flash games by Ferry Halim.  The design is  lovely with  attractive art and charming music by Steven Cravis. The collection is a gateway to a whimsical little world filled with flying saucers, balloons, stars, bugs flying with umbrellas. Some of the games have been remade and distributed to the apple app store.  

I  like quite a few of these pieces,  my current favourite is the Crossing, in which you help deer cross the river. Careful, don’t let them fall. There are around 60 games.


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