Great games: Impostor Factory out now

The third – and long-awaited – major episode of To The Moon and my favourite installment in the series thus far.

I need to replay the previous two episodes but the basics are – two protagonists have the power to give dying people better memories of their lives. We witnessed two cases, along the way developing the stories of the protagonists. This episode, however, delves a little deeper…but I won’t say another word. This episode is about Quincy, after all. And the long cat.

The story is very emotional, but also keeps the thrill of the previous two parts and is thought-provoking. The title also contributes to the meaning an interesting way.

We begin in medias res – the character is thrown into a time looping sequence in which all people are killed. What on earth is happening? We learn the story together with the protagonist, we are shown, not told. This is great storytelling right there.

Would you want a life without a single ripple? Is meaning and lasting impression only effected by a more eventful life?

The game is an exploration of a predefined, limited world, but you collect memory orbs as you go in order to unlock locked segments of the past. It clocks in at around 3 hours so you can easily play it in one sitting. And what a ride it is, I was glued to the screen. Quincy is a great character, I literally fell in love with him.

Definitely my favourite installment of the series so far.

Play this if you like

+ great concept and story revolving around dreams, second chances, regrets
+ instant engamgent when the game skilfully throws you in medias res
+ characters you care for
+ long cats
+ great balance between humour and emotion
+ thoughtful storylines
+ time looping and changing the past
+ great soundtracks

While knowledge of previous games really isn’t necessary and in fact this game may serve as a good introduction, it’s also nice to just go “ah, so that’s what what he or she is, that’s where they were”. It’s a great feeling.

I felt the ending had a bit of a cliffhanger so I hope there’s more where this came from!

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