[character events] Ludus | Olive Town

I’m not really fond of Pioneers of Olive Town for several reasons and it’s never going to be my go-to HM game. But while Ludus is my favourite in Trio of Towns and he works best for me in Lulukoko (plus that wedding was everything!)… I thought I’d write down his events in this game in case anyone was looking for more info on them. His events here are quite nice. Just give him bananas to raise his friendship. I’m not sure about time or weather conditions for most events, there is one that requires a rainy day but rather than a walkthrough, this post is meant to just give a general idea of what the events are about.

Heart 1 Lulukoko phrases

  • Walk into the middle of the Twilight area
  • Ludus has 1+ heart

Everyone is discussing traditional Lulukoko greetings. Ludus had greeted Moriya with the traditional “aloha,” and the merchant wants to learn more about the phrase. Moriya explains that whenever he spoke to Lulukoko villagers during festivals, they would use unfamiliar words. Ludus teaches you a few phrases. He understands you may not have heard those terms before, as Lulukoko is far away. He tells you he has travelled to this area to see more of the world. Tigre has helped Ludus fix the houses they’ve discovered. When Moriya sent (???) them a letter explaining he intended to visit, they fixed him a house too.

  • Option 1: Wow!
  • Option 2: You must be a carpenter

Tigre explains that Ludus is also good at sewing and cooking, and even built the boat they used to travel. Lisette and Moriya also start sharing rumors that they’ve heard. While the three friends gossip, Ludus asks about your life. On learning that you live on the farm by yourself, he wonders if taking care of everything on your own may be overwhelming. But you’re okay, as the folks in Olive Town look out for you.

Heart 2 Pirate island?

  • Walk to the castle ruins
  • Ludus has 2 or more hearts

Ludus is looking around the stone ruins. Moriya’s house needs repair, so Ludus is searching for stone. It seems the houses on Twilight Isle were built using the stone from the old castle. After the castle fell into disrepair, someone used the scattered stones to build small dwellings. He wonders if the two houses were once pirate hideouts. They were in poor condition when he arrived and contained broken high-quality furniture. He and Tigre searched the island for treasure but couldn’t find any. With no sign of recent activity, Ludus assumed it was safe to repair the houses.

  • Option 1: Wow, you really thought it through.Ludus would have expected you to give him some credit. He would never allows Tigre to be here if he thought pirates were a problem.
  • Option 2: You’re so dependable!

Ludus is amazed at the quality of the stone and wonders who would have built such a castle only to abandon it. But he needs to get back to work. You offer to help him and prove how strong you are by lifting a stone.

Heart 3 Boats and motorbikes

  • Walk to the beach to the west of Ludus’ house
  • Ludus has 3 or more hearts

Ludus is working on his boat – the Top Banana.

  • Option 1: What kinda name is that?!
  • Option 2: How did you come up with it? Ludus loves bananas. Lulukoko is famous for them. But he thought simply “Banana” wouldn’t make much sense. So he added “Top” so everyone would know that this boat is the absolute best.

Giving the boat a name makes it feel special. You explain that in Olive Town you get around by motorcycle. Ludus would like to see it. You head back to town, borrow a motorcycle from Clemens and somehow get it back to Twilight Island to show to Ludus. Ludus is fascinated and asks that you show him how its runs. Ludus starts considering combustion engines. He would love to see more city technology. You invite him to visit Olive Town with you.

Heart 4 A tour of Olive Town

  • Walk towards Ludus’ house
  • Ludus has 4 or more hearts

Ludus has some free time and wants to tour Olive Town. You show him around eventually stopping by the Olive Museum. Ludus is impressed with the stone artefact. He doesn’t understand a lot about art, but looking at the objects feels profound. This reminds him why he started his journey – it’s fun to learn new things. As you two leave, Ludus thanks you for the tour.

  • Option 1: How about something to eat?
  • Option 2: Anything else you want to see?It seems like the tour only started but it’s lunch time already. You must be getting hungry, too. He’d be interested in trying local food, but he told Tigre to have lunch ready.

Back at the island, Ludus thanks you again. He asks if you would stop by and cook a meal at his place. He would like to experience more of the local culture and food.

Heart 5 Cooking demonstration

  • Walk into Ludus’ house
  • Ludus has 5 or more hearts

Ludus assumes you’ve stopped by to give them a cooking demonstration. He fetches Tigre who plans on taking notes. Ludus volunteers to help. As the meals are prepared, you taste them and Ludus notices that you have some broth on the corner of your mouth. Ludus realizes that he’s embarrassed you and starts setting the table. The meal was delicious. Olive Town food reminds Tigre of the food in Westown. But each town has their own approach to seasoning.

  • Option 1: It was nothing, really. Tigre hopes to be as good as a cook as you are.
  • Option 2: I cook every day, after all.

Ludus reminds him that his cooking style is a different style than yours. Tigre still intends to apply some of the tricks he learned from you. Ludus thanks you again for the meal. Olive Town might be a gourmet paradise, or maybe the meal was delicious because you were the one who cooked it.

Heart 6 Confession

  • Ludus is at six hearts,
  • you have seen all previous events,
  • you give the confession pendant

Ludus and you go to a more quiet place. He wants to make sure that you want him to be your boyfriend and can’t believe you said it before he did. He says he admires you and that you pushed through to do what you wanted, despite the fact that striking on your own can be intimidating. He says after all the wonderful moments you shared together, he feels at home with you, you taught him a lot and falling in love was only a matter of time.

Heart 7 Honoured

Enter Ludus’ house when he has 7 hearts or more.

Tigre wanted Ludus to let him know when you next come. He serves you a special drink, chai. Ludus explains that where Tigre comes from, this is a special drink and every household has its blend and that they serve it when a new bond or relationship is formed. Tigre wanted to offer you one since you and Ludus started dating and he wants to call you “honoured sister/brother”. Ludus sputters and coughs at that, telling Tigre not to make you uncomfortable.

  • Option 1 I don’t mind it all that much. Ludus tells you not to encourage Tigre and he admits he’s the one uncomfortable with it.
  • Option 2 It is kind of awkward

Ludus tells Tigre not to use “honoured brother/sister”. Tigre asks if he can think of you as an older brother/sister. When you leave, Ludus thanks you for indulging Tigre and says that he’s even happier than Tigre that you’re dating him. He hopes it’s obvious but then says what is he blabbing on about, it isn’t like him.

Heart 8 Be more careful

  • It triggers on entering  Twilight Island on a rainy day
  • Ludus has 8 hearts or more

You meet Tigre on the shore. He says Ludus has gone fishing but he’s worried because Ludus usually returns before the rain begins and it’s been a few hours and he’s not back yet You suggest you will stand watch while  Tigre goes to prepare something for Ludus for when he returns. Then Ludus comes up from behind. Ludus asks what are you doing out here in the rain. He explains that yes he was out fishing but encountered a capsized boat with a fisherman overboard so stopped to help and escorted him to the nearest port and after that docked his boat on the other side of the island.

  • Option 1 what a relief. Ludus agrees and says it was good luck he happened to pass that boat.
  • Option 2 What if something bad happened to you?

You tell him he should be more careful and he apologises for making you worry so much but he is also happy that he has someone that worries about him so much and that it’s new for him. He thanks you for caring so much. You stare at him and he grows embarrassed. Then you proceed to stare at him more. Tigre comes out and sees you with Ludus but wonders what on earth are you two doing just standing around on the beach in the rain.

Heart 9 Blueprints for the future

  • Enter Ludus house
  • Ludus has 9 hearts or more

Ludus is super zoned in on blueprints he’s working on when you come and startle him. He asks you to accompany him somewhere since you’re here. You go to the beach and Ludus comments his eyes are a bit strained from all the work he has been doing.

  • Option 1 We’d better get you home, Grandpa
  • Option 2 You were laser-focused. Ludus apologises again for not noticing you earlier. He loves drawing blueprints.

He tells you he’s drafting plans for another boat. Since Top Banana doesn’t have much power, he wants to create something that would use an engine similar to the one in the motorbike. He says that his daily life on Twilight Life is filled with activities so he’s working on the designs in his spare time. But he wants you to be the first to see them when he’s done. After all, you’re the source of his inspiration. You two come from different towns and because he loves you, he wants to know all about you. About the place you grew up in and your culture. And he decided that a motorcycle engine is as good a place as any. He says he wanted to more and the more he researched, the more interested he became. Before now he didn’t pursue things outside his area of expertise. But his love for you has opened new paths for him to explore. He’s grateful and wants to build a bigger and faster boat than anything he would have in Lulukoko. And after that…no, forget it. He’ll tell you about it when he finishes the blueprints. He says he doesn’t;t want his time with you to end.

Heart 10 Proposal

  • You have seen all the other events
  • Ludus is at 10 hearts

Ludus wants to make sure you’re sure. He says he put thoughts of his future aside while Tigre is in his care, but even Tigre told him to take more time for himself. Ludus tells you that he’s discovered so many wonderful things with you, each memory is an adventure. He says he’d never be happier than with someone he truly admires at his side. He reminds you of the boat plans he made and says he’d like to make a boat that would take you both on a grand adventure. He figures a farmer like you can’t take much free time away from the farm so he hopes to make a boat powerful enough to take you on a one-day grand adventure. He says he realised how exciting it would be to go anywhere with you…and you’d bring your motorcycle. He’s glad you’re excited. He didn’t want to tell you about this until he was certain how you felt. He promises to make you happy. You then go tell Tigre about the proposal and then you help Ludus write a letter to Lulukoko about the happy event.

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