Beasts of Maravilla Island – a photo/exploration game for the imagination

Exploration game with a focus on a sense of wonder and beauty. Explore an island full of magical plants and fantastical creatures in this relaxing photography game. Get it free with your Amazon prime subscription this month.

The protagonist’s grandfather, a good-natured soul, has left the protagonist a letter urging her to explore and document the wonders of a beautiful island lest it becomes forgotten. Contrary to her scepticism, the protagonist embarks on this journey and the moment she lands on the island, her breath is taken away. And rightly so. What awaits her are lush forests, greenery, and extraordinary creatures. As the protagonist explores, climbs magical plants and takes pictures, we collect them in a photo album. There are several categories to fill, including landscapes, bugs, plants, animals and – gestures/behaviours of different animals, like gliding. You can take several pictures for each category and set some of them as the main pic, and delete ones you don’t like. You can crouch and rotate the camera and look for the right angles, which can immerse you in the world for a long time.

The more you explore, the more secrets you want to find out and the atmosphere is really magical, it pulls you into its world. The settings are varied and there are lots of creatures and plants so look around everywhere. What awaits behind the corner? What new plant, what new bug or animal? The settings are varied. The game reminds me to look for wonders around me and appreciate what magic there still is around and it feels a little Ghibli-esque all in all. A truly lovely, well-meaning effort, a labour of love that is one of the most relaxing exploration games I’ve played. One bug – sometimes climbing gets glitchy and you get stuck and have to reload.

  • mysterious island teeming with life
  • Wander through lush jungles, among top branches of of trees and interact with magical creatures
  • Learn about what makes each creature unique and capture the perfect photo of their enchanting behaviours
  • Use light, sound, and the surrounding nature to solve puzzles and unveil Maravilla’s secrets

Official website:

Take the time to take the right shot.

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