OPUS: Rocket of Whispers – a poetic and heartfelt fantasy post-apocalyptic tale

Available for mobile devices, steam and some others, made by sigono. This game gave me a lot of joy when I first discovered it as I found it heartfelt, emotional, imaginative and sentimental.  They have since released an even better-received game, but Rocket of Whispers remains my favourite. I have not played it for a while, but it has stayed with me. That, if anything, is proof of a good gaming/story experience. You think about it. It’s one of the games that stayed at the back of my mind, whether or not I play it.


The game is kind of a full package for me, really appreciate it for:

  • music
  • atmosphere, post-apocalyptic setting
  • overall concept and plot
  • characters
  • lore / collectables
  • cgs / art
  • ending
  • sidequests – helping ghosts

Check it out on steam: Link

After a catastrophe a man is alone…but then he finds there is someone else. He is also surrounded by ghosts and can hear their pleas for help. He needs to organise a star burial to send the souls to rest. And there is only one other person who can help him. A witch. but they don’t exactly hit it off. What they don’t know is that their fate has long been written in the stars.

A poetic, sentimental, well-told fantasy post-apocalyptic story with great atmosphere and fleshed-out meaningful detail, great characters that are bound by fate, and a story of coming to terms with the past and growing both as individuals and as a team.  Two lonely souls need to work together on a goal, but that goal puts them both through painful memories, and regret but also brings them close. They don’t have to be alone, two people are always better than one.


The gameplay is basically exploring fairly vast maps and looking for items.


Also, there are rooms inside the main building / interior maps that you can look at and explore for memories and tidbits related to John and Fei and their past. Some rooms and some equipment get unlocked over time.  You also collect artefacts that give glimpses into the past.
They trigger John’s memories and let us meet the deceased from long ago.

Finding solulstones to get the items together might become a little tedious but I love that aspect as well, it leaves me exploring for hours, especially in free-roaming mode. Such little detail adds to the world the game creates, the artefacts expand the world, flesh it out and make things more touching. 

Every little detail contributes to the story and fleshes out the world. The connection I felt with the characters, between them and affinity with the story is excellent.

There are delightful sidequests- helping ghosts. I cared for the characters, also because of the gameplay..trudging through the snow made me REALLY worry about them, especially towards the end…I didn’t want either of them to be alone! The music and art enhance the experience.


This is my favourite part

There is a part when they come to peace with their pasts…together, learning to lean and depend on one another, and trust one another …but that moment we are left uncertain about their future, very briefly, but it’s just such an absolutely delightful part, great climax after a very good emotional build-up. I loved that part.

I absolutely love it! The story, the gameplay, art and music, everything is so full of heart and imagination. Love the two characters to bits, they are endearing, and I cheer them on, love going through the snow- it enhances the experiences and makes me feel more what the characters feel, I love the ghost stories we collect and helping ghosts.  Very satisfied with the ending sequence and ending. It’s the kind of game in which everything comes together.

Since I played it, they seem to have released a follow-up, or more accurately, a prologue, that deals with the world before that I haven’t played yet, but I like the mystery this game gives me while providing a wholly satisfying narrative and character development that pulls at the heartstrings. Really enjoyed it.

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