Witcher 2 – satisfying transition part

Although it’s short, witcher 2 makes up for it with storytelling goal as well the complexity and diversity of quests with different mechanics like sneaking, assuming the role of someone else etc. I was also able to have Geralt avoid unwanted sex scenes and avoid romancing Triss, waiting for Yenn. Finished this at around 25 hours but will replay to see what I missed. I was on Roche’s path, but I might do an Elf route sometimes. The most important thing is I now got the feel of the Witcher universe and can now go back to Witcher 3 – with my custom choices.

The forest is deep, primeveal, filled with creatures land surprising nooks
Pretty place but nope, I didn’t want to go there with Triss.
  • One thing I’m missing in Witcher 3 is the fact medidation had more functions associated with it in games 1 and 1 and I like it that way more. In W3, it’s just a means to pass time and rest, whereas it had a lot more functions earlier.
  • Quests are very diverse – from sneaking /spying to assuming someone else role in a necromantic ritual. I really enjoyed the ghostly battle in chapter 2, loved the forests around Flotsam. Even the contracts were interesting. Also the choices. And as always the storytelling is really invilving from the first moments of the game. I love all the ghostly quests in general, helping ghosts find peace etc. There’s tons of fun sidequest content in all three Witcher games.
  • Locations are gorgeous, with worldbuilding depth.
  • Kinda sad that books are a bit less critical for skills, but I rpg explain it to myself- he already read books in game 1 for that, and he’s already an experienced witcher-with-returning-memory!
  • Love the skill tree
  • Some memorable side characters include Seherim and Moril. It’s good to see how Letho and Roche, whom I initially met in w 3 with randomly guessed choices in the save simulation part, play a role here.
  • I appreciate how things all come together for Geralt in this part – he finally remembers things, including Yenn. I get a fuller picture of Triss. I am pretty sure I do not condone the Lodge. This is a very important transition between w1 and witcher 3, very well done. In general, I really ennoy how the story unfolded over three games and how Geralt got to know himself in game 1, then remembered things in game 2.
  • You can change Geralt’s hairstyle.
  • The weapons and armor are fun, though some come too late in the game.

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